Архив декабря 2005 года

One More Year in Russia: 2005

13 декабря 2005 · Разное · · · ·

Standing at the end of the season 2005 I must confess it is no more a hobby; it is a way of life with all time and power involved in it. Finally all other things as work etc disappeared leaving only one activity in the life — Mountainboard. Is it good or not I can’t say it is just as it is and no other choice. So the 4th season of mountainboarding in Russia was full of travel, communication, new moves and new bruises. The last is so get used to that there is no need for description.

Alexander Pavlov «Pal Pal»

2 декабря 2005 · Интервью · · · ·

Hi, my name is Alexander Pavlov, though more people prefer using my nick name PAL PAL. I’m 19 and I’ve been mountainboarding for already 2 years. Also I’ve been skiing since 2 years old and at 15 I started snowboarding. I am a student of MSU (Moscow State University) on the faculty of computation mathematics and cybernetics (oh yeah baby).