Alexander Pavlov «Pal Pal»

Hi, my name is Alexander Pavlov, though more people prefer using my nick name PAL PAL. I’m 19 and I’ve been mountainboarding for already 2 years. Also I’ve been skiing since 2 years old and at 15 I started snowboarding. I am a student of MSU (Moscow State University) on the faculty of computation mathematics and cybernetics (oh yeah baby).

Jereme Leafe rides on snowboard during winter, and how about you?

Well, snowboard was the main argument in my decision to buy a mountainboard.

During this year you took part in some international events. Your impression on them.

Yep, this year is full of impressions and admiration for me. Primarily I went to my first international comp in England. That was awesome I saw great guys riding and pulling crazy stuff so that I know now in what way to move. Unfortunately I had my deck broken during the so I couldn’t compete as I wanted to. Afterwords we had a great tour to Poland showing some good new moves there.

Of course you weren’t alone in trips. Tell about your crew.

Yeah I’ve just managed to enter to Moscow mountainboard crew «Springs From Hell». This is an alliance of people with great attitude to the sport which have taken the hard duty of developing mountainboarding in such shitty conditions we have here.

What are the mail differences between style of riding in Russia and foreign countries?

That is a really good question, but I guess that Russian best years in mountain boarding are still far away because of the lack of good spots to ride. For Russians it’s a fantastic luck to build a kicker and hit it. We jump on nearly every stuff that s possible for jumping: no good jumps, no good landings in Moscow, but great dirt in Ural (Siberia).

What experience you have got after visiting Fat Face and riding with PROs?

It was amazing watching the pros riding because when you see how the guys are pushing the limits of the sport you understand that you can actually do this too. You see riding in Russia is hard because when we have very few good jumps and jumping on one spot for every single day stops your progress a lot, you become bored with riding and very lazy but all this vanished after the journey to England.

Only a few riders in your country can afford going to international events. Who are among international PROs mostly respected in Russia?

We have very little info about the riders because not a lot people do internationals but still the names of Tom Kirkman and Leon Robbins are perfectly known. I also like AJ Lawson very much.

Month ago you landed Cab 5 and tried Cab 7. Do you think that switch tricks is a future?

Now I’m trying to spend a lot of time riding switch cause I think being universal is the key. If you go slopestyle ability in riding switch also gives you a great advantage, personally I just like trying something new and now this new are switch tricks (by the way it was not cab 7 but sw bs 7 but I was really far from landing so it still needs a lot of work) I like cab 5, bs 3 onefoot, bs 3 stiffy, bs 5 melon.

Mountainboard gives great field for one footed tricks.

Yeah I really like one footed tricks and rotations. I think they are fun. Working on cab 3 one foot now. Leon rocks with his bs 3 one footed.

How should an excellent jump look like? Can appear snowboard like jumps with the same size, transfer and amplitude?

I think step down jumps (about a meter) are really good for ATB. The technique of landing in snowboarding is a bit easier than in mountainboarding, and crashing on mountainboard can cause you more trouble than on snowboard. But average snowboard jumps are possible I think (and it was perfectly proved on the freestyle champs).

After England trip you begin to ride with heel straps, what advances it gets?

I like doing one footer tricks and heel straps give me more confidence while jumping. I had some accidents while jumping without heels.

All Terrain Boarding is a really hard sport. How many boards or parts of it you broke during all of this years?

That’s not a lot of years yet and not a lot of parts broken. But still I managed to break 2 boards (first was very old model MBS Sol 16; I actually crashed into a tree and then just in the middle of world champs I broke Comp 16 — that was a shock). Also had some problems with bindings, wheels and springs but still I think the level of manufacturing is rather high. It is normal when you crash your board while riding.

And what brands make mostly reliable price/quality stuff?

In Russia very few mountainboard brands are presented. I think MBS is good, this is a company that is really respected and admired — they’ve done a lot good to the sport, in the nearest future (already) I hope I can try Trampa decks — I’ve heard a lot cool things about them oh yeah also Manhick new aluminum disks really rule.

In what ways will develop ATB stuff?

I think it’s all about their stiffness, weight and power.

What are you future plans, new trips?

Now winter is coming and I think about going snowboarding during the period. This year we can figure out some stuff and make kind of an European tour, but it is all just plans for now.

And what countries or contest would you like to visit in the future?

I would like to go to England one more time — I want to see the cultural stuff and so on, also Poland, France and hopefully Portugal.

The future of mountainboarding I see as…

Of course fun. Personally I don’t care how many people are going to ride all I know is that I love the sport and like people pushing it forward.

ATB is an Olympic sport, is it possible?

I guess it is too dirty to be an Olympic sport and we are kinda underground.

Thanks: Parents, 2Netz and team PRUZHINI (Springs) and companies: OGIO, Trassa (Vans, Protec), Trampa, Tramps 2000, NextOne, MBS.

One More Year in Russia: 2005

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