One More Year in Russia: 2005

Standing at the end of the season 2005 I must confess it is no more a hobby; it is a way of life with all time and power involved in it. Finally all other things as work etc disappeared leaving only one activity in the life — Mountainboard. Is it good or not I can’t say it is just as it is and no other choice. So the 4th season of mountainboarding in Russia was full of travel, communication, new moves and new bruises. The last is so get used to that there is no need for description.

The beginning of the season was started very positive with the releasing of the first Russian ATB DVD 8 Inchezzz and it’s presentation in April, about 100 people in a club, new faces, snow skaters and good comments after. Well talking about the DVD I should say that mostly all ATB people around the world watched it. I received favorable reviews from Brazil, Australia, France, Germany and UK of course. Very nice words from you guys, thanks, get ready for the new DVD Dirty Free coming in the beginning of 2006 season. It is a disk with all shoots from 2005 season in Russia, Crimea, Chukotka, Ural and all travels in Europe this year.

People started riding in April, and in the end of May we had a nice offer from Panasonic, it was time for Panasonic Freestyle Event 2006 with a 1500$ prize money. The same freestyle equipment as last year with one change — the roll in was decided to be decreased from 7 to 6 meters. It did played a role, as more competitors appeared. The comp was just in the middle of a huge trade market area, so you can imagine the quantity of visitors. The Final saw 5 competitors with about 500 people crowd. 2 riders from Ural (Siberia) and 3 from Moscow were doing their best in 5 attempts with 3 best counted. Back Flips, Rodeos, 5’s — good show. Oleg Melnikov aka Teo was the first and only who managed fs 7, fs rodeo 5 mute, backflip nose tailboned and nice fs 5’s. Pal Pal was so busy with one footed rotations and bs5 attempts that his double shifty and nice one footer stail grab made him on 5th place only. Second was a young rider Vanes who did nice fs 3’s with different grabs. Third Siberian cowboy with landed backflip indy and a lot of bsrodeo’s attempts. Nice comp and level mentioning that it was just the beginning of the season… Prize giving, happy faces of riders and crowd of course. The last attempt Pal Pal tried Superman shocking people and himself! Crazy!

The June was already running but the rains did not stop at all. As I injured my knee with braking knee cap and harming the joint just in April there were no possibility or power to do any comp or atb activities. Guys were just kept using the regular spots with trying to keep the riding level and preparing for the Fat Face comp in the UK. The end of June let us some time to make visas, tickets and all documents to come to world comp 2005 in Devon SWMBC.

In beginning of July our team Pruzhini Izz Ada (Springs From Hell) with me (2netz), Oleg Melnikov, Pal Pal and our friends Olga Povetkina, Pasha Dunaev (Siberian cowboy) and Kostya were packed to leave Moscow to St. Petersburg and then to take a plane to London. Thanks to J, we were not bankrupts coming to Devon SWMBC by taxi. It was nice to meet up with all of you guys there… Diego, Arno, Tom, Leon, A.J., Paul, Ben, Sam, J, Ted, Anni and everybody who knows us. The freestyle as you know by yourselves was outstanding with sizes, amplitude, tricks, night final chain and fireworks! Good camping, especially after everybody left and we stayed there alone for 2 days with barbecue, fried meat, foam pit and trips to Westward Ho! Beach. What a lovely place and what a grass and a color of it… no comments!

After Oleg and Pal Pal did a nice result in the semifinal with a position in 20 best and really improved from what they saw and whom, mentioning their first surfing there, it was a long way home with Oleg’s new surf coming to Moscow as a most fragile luggage ever. One more awesome trip with good filming and nice riding!

The rest of July guys were busy with their own business, jumping and training in the water as a result a water jumping contest called Dirt Waves in the public beach Strogino, just in the city. It was full of fun and riders with even prize giving ceremony and several media coverages. Salut — our team operator, took the first with Pal Pal second and Matros third. Salut (Shugorev Alexey) was pulling crazy backrolls 180 with his 85 kl. weight it was the best amplitude and splashes ever. Very impressive annual contest for people and riders and of course lots of fun just in the middle of the summer.

August was decided for visiting the South of Russia the place called Crimea — Ukrainian Island. With a lot of Mountains, rough terrains and sea sides of course. For a week it was decided to stay in the sport university camp, just camping, swimming, disco’s and 40 degrees temperature making the riding and filming absolutely impossible. Anyway some good shots were done and it was time to leave the sun! The rest of the month was given for Poland trip preparation, visas, tickets and packing.

One more time Oleg, Me, Pal Pal, Olga were in the train to the Polish event which was held in the south of the country in the resort called Sucha Gura. As we came 3 days before the event Andrew took us to Krakow to his apartment. I should say that the center of that city is so beautiful with no cars and a lot of tourists so that we were walking and walking till the dark. As we came to the slope it was clear that this place was good for mountainboarding. Not steep and a lot lines. Grass on the slope and simple boarder-cross track at the road through the hill. By the end of the Friday with the help of about 20 people we managed a Big Air and a training jump at the same landing. The wooden kicker was about 1.8 meter with a meter step down dirt landing. Everybody liked the set up and some crazy stuff were pulled just in the dark. Saturday saw competitors from Slovakia, Poland, Russia and Czech Republic in dual slalom grassy slope. The Comp went till the evening. After we hade a nice barbeque with all riders and video presentation on the TV. It was really nice to meet up with some Polish riders as Mariuch, Voitek, Andrew and others. The conditions on the event were pretty nice, rooms with showers, hot water, restaurant, barbecue zone in the middle and pretty chip. Sunday boarder cross with a mountain road like track was won by Oleg. And afternoon the most interesting show — freestyle began. There were a lot of backflips from Poland, Czech and Slovakian riders but the win was taken by Oleg, who managed Fsrodeo5melon, nearly landed fsrodeo 7 tailboned, landed fs 7 and fs 5. Pal Pal took second place with bs 3 stiffy, bs 3 one foot and landed one footed with a riding after one foot for several meters till a little crash. It was cool to see his cab 3’s and nearly cab 5 after the comp. For our riders it was first time we took win the whole foreign comp. Congratulations! More good camera shots and cool time spent together! I should say as well that Oleg was invited to Krakow afterwards in late September for a demo show against cars in the city, he ruled!

After coming to Poland it was no doubt that we should come to Ural (Ekaterinburg) Russian slope style contest as local guys (especially Paha Dunaev — Siberian Cowboy) did a lot of work to build a dirt park with different rails and massive jumps. This time I made way my own as the team riders were busy with the education started in September. It was first time I went to the Yekaterinburg, the time it took were comparatively the same as coming to Poland.

The park Paha made this year was awesome! After he went to the UK with us his decisions were so correct. First Line: middle size dirt jump — straight double 6 meters rail — double rainbow — double kink double rail at the bottom. Second Line: middle size jump, big jump — 5 meter table, 2 meter height, a lot of little stones and rough ground, high speed and a bit scary. Paha is leaving near the park in a garage and this park I think is all his occupation, he rides everyday alone there and freeriding there with a lot of stones make this place real rough spot for real atb addicted people. The event saw about 15 competitors, rainy weather and some riders from Moscow. The Slope Style jam format led the riders to show there best in the air and on the rails. After several attempts Paha cleared the rail line with boardslides, sw 50-50 on the rainbow. After bs 3’s on the jump line — Paha made a backflip indy and took the win. Alexey Deryabin, his Ural team friend made nice style bs 3 with different grabs and nearly landed bs5 (over rotated to 7) on the biggest jump. It was more than enough for second place and third place went to Matros Igor from Moscow, who cleared with 50-50’s the rail line and made some bs 3’s at the jump line. Craze park, I think the best in Western Europe. A big respect to a girl Olya from Yekaterinburg who was jumping at the same conditions as guys Thank to guys for our leaving in Flat and everyday transfer by car. A week in Ural was gone, last talks about plans, photos and bye bye’s.

By the end of September all riding and action returned to Moscow. In Orehovo the biker cross track was left by the bikers as their comp season was finished. And the track set up possibility led the ATB riders make border cross descends as it was full of wide corners and jumps fast and fun. In the middle of the track the last year comp jump was a bit reshaped by Pal Pal and the decision to make amateur freestyle event 2005 was around the corner.

1-st October welcomed riders with sun, music, prizes and good jump! Groups of spectators were warming their hands while judges (team Pruzhini — Oleg and Pal Pal) were started to count the points. The Final saw first girl frontflip nearly landed, nice bs 180 and fs 180 and the guys started to shock everybody! A lot of bails, braveness… flips, rodeos, bs 5’s attempts, fs 5’s. Amateurs did their best to show their level and potential. You can read an article about that comp it the previous issue of ATBMag. The rest of the month we did some photo shoots at the same spot, riding in Orehovo from the Top, fast corners, 4 meters gaps… cool!

Well, that’s it about what I know of our atb year here in Russia, there must be a lot riders spread in different cities in my country I am sure but I am not able to know my self everything what is happening here. I can guarantee that the sport is going deeper and wider from year to year, that is for sure. And Russia is so huge… At the beginning of November we presented the new video trailer at the Board Ski Saloon 2006, largest winter exhibition in Russia. The internet helps a lot, now we posted the video trailer of our new atb DVD coming in 2006 named Dirty Free in the internet and guys all over the world already watched and enjoyed it waiting for the full version, and it’s great, a lot of mini dv tapes are waiting for us!

Ride with fun always, stay welcomed as never, and be patient as the new season is near! Thanks to our team aid givers: Ogio, Vans, Pro-Tec, NextOne, MBS, Trampa. You make riding easier for us!

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