Timothee Lambrecq (English Version)

Young but already well known rider and video director form France tells about Russian trips, French invasion and mountainboarding.

Last year you have visited Russia for the first time and this year you came to Breakthrough again. What are you impressions of the last trip?

Yeah, it was my second time in Russia for Breakthrough and I hope not the last :). This year was different for me; first of all because it was my second time so it was not discovering Russia, I had some kind of benchmarks. This time was different also because we were more French, ahaha. The set up was also different, really big, pretty difficult to adapt when it’s your first ride of the season, fortunately I knew the roll-in so it was OK. It was also interesting to see again all the Russian riders and friends I met the past year, it’s always a pleasure to ride and party with you guys :). There were also other mountainboarders like Evan or Marcio or Matt that were not there last year, for me it’s one of the part I like the most in this event, it gives me the opportunity to see all my friends from whatever their country and we can ride all together.

Breakthrough 2011
Timothee Lambrecq @ Breakthrough 2011 © Andrey Yenin

Unfortunately my trip was really too short, I had to skip one training session because of my boardbag which was late and I also wish I could ride the skatepark of Moscow, second time I miss it! I was also a bit disappointed about my riding there cause it was the second time I rode my board since I broke my arm in July and the 1-st time on real freestyle (Sorry for my Serbian friends, but the kicker was not really comparable to Russian set up). So I was not really confident in my riding, a bit scare of the set up even bigger than last year, I didn’t want to break my wrist again…

There was real «mountainboard delegation» from France :). Do other guys like the event and its organization?

Ahaha, yeah you’re right, we were a lot and believe me if there were more places for the event we’ll be even more, ahaha — French invasion! Actually it’s a good point for you, it’s because everybody love the event, maybe thanks to the videos that were made for last year and also my testimony on my first experience.

This year EVERYBODY asked me to join the event even my non-rider friends, the «Marame crew» (Victorien, Alexandre & Pierre Louis) badly wanted to come, I know they are the best French riders so they won’t have issue to ride the set up, so I help them to get in touch with Alexey and fill all the paper to come over here. Same thing with Martin, I used to ride a lot with Martin and Thibault, actually they introduce mountainboard in my life. Last year Thibault came with me, but this one he was not available because of works and study and as Martin have heard a lot from our trip he also badly wanted to come. So as the Breakthrough fest was announced on Facebook he contacted me and asked me if I was in to go with him. So that was it we were five French riders to come over.

You with brother made quite nice edit from the last show. What did you also filmed last year? We saw some non-mountainboard projects.

Yeah, last year my brother Camille join me to the Breakthrough as he’s working as a photographer he was there to shoot the all trip, as I’m found of editing I asked him to film a bit what he could, but not that easy to take picture and film at the same time so I made an edit of the trip with GoPro stuff :).

Then in July I had the opportunity to make my internship in my sponsor company — NorthRide — a mountainboarding outwear brand which is really new. I was responsible for the communication and the video promotion, so it was for me the opportunity to buy my own stuff to film. As I had some free time I decided to try my new camera filming a backstage photoshoot of my brother for a NGO company UNICEF, I made the video and they showed it in a quite big place in Paris for the exhibition of the project.

Then we decided to make a photo/video report, in freelance so we booked some ticket for Iceland and went there filming landscape and interviewing people to make a documentary or just a video. We came back with a lot of footages so I decided to make a video promotion for Iceland that was quite a success, even if we didn’t sell it we had over 16K views on it :).

I tried to make edit of my different trip like in Serbia or in Romania, and I recently made a kind of promoting video for mountainboarding for an extreme sport video contest, the video is call «Riding day» I made it with the help of Martin, we had great time doing it :).

And I’m working right now on a potential project with my brother who is starting a shoes-brand. I’ll be responsible of the video promotion and that’s gonna be huge :).

As about «Riding day» video, you made it especially for contest. Are you gonna win it?

Actually Diego Anderson posted on the French mountainboard forum a post about the video contest made for student. I first thought to send an already made edit like my 2010 part (in gangsta edit), but after a second thought I decided to realize a video especially for the contest to promote mountainboarding :). I needed help to make it, mainly an actor who will understand what I wanted, so I asked Martin and we found one week end when we could film the video. I wrote the script not to lost time on the filming day and then we had a pretty long and funny day filming the introduction and then finish with mountainboard scene and editing. I don’t know if I will win, I’ll say I have some chance to win the «best scenario» prize and I hope the price of the jury, ahaha :))).

You’ve rebuilded jumps in Compiegne and they starts look pretty sick. I feel you already think about some new tricks, do you?

Yeah, I don’t pretend I’ve built the jump, but Ludo has, ahaha. They have some good potential. Actually I’m starting to be comfortable on it I don’t have new tricks for now in mine but first of all try to spin all my tricks on the bigger one so that I’ll be comfortable also on the Russian setup.

Venette © Timothee Lambrecq

I wish I can have few session in a foam pit to try some tricks that are in my mind.

During the last summer you have not much efforts to ride due to injury and work, but what plans for this season?

Yeah, unfortunately I broke my arm on the 1-st event of the season, then I had to work before going to Budapest, where I couldn’t ride a lot, but since Russia I’m trying to get back my confidence on my board I try to found my level back :). I’m going to Poland next week for EveryBoard Fest, and then I’ll try to combine work and contest as much as I can. I plan to go to Serbia again, a really good event over there, the track is sick, the spirit is perfect, also for Russia, if I can found a work to pay my ticket I’ll try to come, I hope I’ll get my level back before it because it seem to be a real huge thing this year :). But first of all I want to keep riding as much as I can, enjoying it, meeting new people, discovering new spots… Thanks to MORE and NorthRide for supporting me in mountainboarding :).

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