Russian Demo Big Air in English Terms

We started to organize demo shows and events here in Russia based on artificial constructions since 2004. During the first two or three years we’ve experimented with the roll-in’s length and height, angle of jump and width of landing. Finally the ideal measurements have been found and have been used at all big competitions over the last five years.

Also, by publishing the dimensions of the ramp we have made it possible for other riders from cities across Russia (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Yekaterinburg) to construct identical ramps for training purposes.

In this article I’d like to describe the design of our competitive area. All dimensions declared below work perfectly together with the listed objects.



  • Roll in / in run — slope for setting speed.
  • Transition — distance between roll in and kicker.
  • Jump / kicker — if you read this text, you should know what it is!
  • Span — distance between lip and knuckle. It consists of gap and table.
  • Landing — one of the main part of all construction. Proper shapes ensure the safety of riders. If there is asphalt after the landing, it should be covered by a few sections of plywood or hardboard.
  • Finish area — distance between landing and ramp or quarter pipe. It should also have enough space for powersliding (stopping).


The jump (kicker) is a crucial figure among all the other constructions. The key characteristics of it are radius and the lip’s angel; the last one should be from 45 to 55 degrees.

Big-air radius
In previous years, we used to build ramps with the radius of 51 degrees, but contemporary one is 53.

With these dimensions the lip’s angle will be exactly 53 degrees:

  • Height — 2 m (2.2 m can also be OK);
  • Length — 4 m;
  • Radius — 5 m.

The radius must be continuous throughout the length of the ramp. It’s wrong to do a flat part at the end of the kicker, because of this jump doesn’t pop enough.

Flat section (red) vs. proper continuous radius (green)
Flat section (red) vs. proper continuous radius (green).

Based on jump’s size, snap should be from 5 to 6 meters — you can move it closer or further to the table depending on riding conditions. On most demos and competitions (Breakthrough show or Moscow Mountainboard European Tour) we set it 5.5 m.

As practice has shown, 5 m is enough for both the landing’s length and width but the angle should be from minimum 20° to maximum 30° (if the landing’s height = jump’s height = 2 m). We usually set a little more than 21 degrees.

The necessary length of site can vary from 45 to 55 meters. Depending on surface or other factors (indoor or outdoor, windy weather conditions, etc.) transition/gap/finishing can be increased or decreased, so some leeway is recommended.

Similar construction will be set in upcoming Mountainboard World Freestyle Championships.

  • Total roll in length — 13 m or more
  • Roll in height — 7 m
  • Roll in width — 2 m
  • Roll in move out radius — 7 m
  • Transition — 10 m
  • Jump length — 4 m
  • Jump height — 2 m
  • Jump width — 2 m
  • Jump radius — 5 m
  • Lip angle — 53°
  • Gap length — 3 m
  • Table length — 2.5 m
  • Table height = landing height — 2 m
  • Table width = landing width — 5 m (6 m is recommended)
  • Landing length — 5 m
  • Landing angle — 21°
  • Finish area length — 10 m
  • Quarter pipe length — 5 m
  • Quarter pipe height — 4 m
  • Quarter pipe width — 2.5 m or wider
  • Quarter pipe radius — 4 m

If you are interested in make a smaller jump you can safely scale down the sizes. We strongly recommend to use plywood if you gonna make an artificial (not dirt) kicker.

We are not allowed to share technical drawings, but you can take a look at the designs of real setup which was used last year at Ukrainian Z-Games.

Click to enlarge the blueprint
Click to enlarge the blueprint

Thanks to Alexey Potapov for guidance and Ben Tweedie for some grammar correction. Main part of this text is based on the original article about mountainboard big-airs (in Russian language). If you find mistakes or have any questions — feel free to comment and contact.

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