Matt Brind (English Version)

Brindy has been the UK champion for the last three years! This boy just loves mountainboarding! Enthusiastic and up for anything — Matts trick bag has been growing fast! He is one of the most consistent riders out there and a strong competitor in both freestyle and boardercross. Sponsored by MBS Mountainboards and Ezo Brand clothing.

You came to Moscow this winter. What are your impressions about city and «Breakthrough» show?

I really enjoyed my trip in February, I thought the city was fantastic, completely different to anything I have seen before. The buildings were amazing and from what I saw of the city, it was beautiful and the people were extremely friendly and helpful as well. The Breakthrough show was awesome, I wish there was a show half as good over here in the UK — it was extremely well run and organized, and showed all the sports off at their best — a fantastic spectacle and I would recommend anyone to attend.

Bestival 2011
Bestival 2011 © Paul Taylor

Last year we saw some really great tricks from you like 9s and double backflips. Have you already tried them again?

I have tried them again but not as much as I would have liked. I hurt my shoulder a couple of months ago which has meant I have had to hold back a bit, but I am going to Josh Maddock’s house to ride his foam pit this weekend and make sure I have the doubles, 9s and a few more big tricks dialed for MWFC.

How goes season in England? I noticed that lot of competition have been postponed to August…

The season started in top form with some of the best racing I’ve ever seen at Ironside’s Court Farm for ATBA-UK Round 1, but unfortunately we have had a lot of rain since then so two of the UK championship rounds have been postponed. We have had a few other events at places like Hale’s Superbole though which have been a lot of fun despite the sometimes bad weather.

Many people associate visiting Russia with tons of problems like expensive tickets, visas, climate, etc. Was it hard to you to get ready for upcoming trip?

I didn’t find it too hard to get ready for the trip. The visa was a little confusing first time round, but a lot easier this time and the only thing hard about the flights is finding the cheapest one ;) It is definitely worth any hassle though, I had a great time before and I’m sure I will have a great time this time as well!

Compiegne, France 2008
Compiegne, France 2008 © Andrey Yenin

What do you expect from world championships?

I expect a big, really well built ramp and a great atmosphere — I think the session and riding will be among the best, it will definitely be great to watch and be a part of, I can’t wait! There will probably be a massive party too!

Wanyi, Belgium 2008
Wanyi, Belgium 2008 © Andrey Yenin

Besides English riders, WMFC will be attended by athletes from Russia, French, Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine. Who can be a contender for victory?

I think it’s quite open — pretty much everyone going has a chance of winning. All the riders have their own unique tricks and styles and if they are riding well and landing their best tricks, anyone could win it!

Мэтт Бринд (Matt Brind)

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